We offer the most affordable Covid-19 general medical supplies, including gowns, caps, masks, shoe covers, gloves, protective clothing, and more. Our products are made of high-quality materials and are suitable for use in hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities.

Model No.: CVG01

Waterproof PP+PE Isolation Gown with Knitted Cuff

Model No.: CVG02

Disposable SMS Surgical Isolation Gown

Model No.: CVG03

Medical Waterproof CPE Gown with Long Sleeves

Model No.: CVBC23

Bouffant cap, PP, disposable

Model No.: CVFM12

3Ply Non Woven Face Mask Surgical Disposable Face Mask for Medical

Model No.: CVSH50

Disposable Nonwoven Shoe Cover

Model No.: CVFB70

Disposable Nonwoven Medical PP+PE Funeral Body Bag with Heavy Duty Zipper Liquid-proof

Model No.: CVSU80

Disposable SMS coverall with hood

Model No.: CVSH51

Disposable Boot Cover with Elastic

Model No.: CVFS60

Disposable Face Shield

Model No.: CVESG30

Disposable Eyes Safety Goggle

Model No.: CVG90

Disposable Nitrile Examination Gloves

Model No.: CVSU81

Disposable Protective Clothing
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