spineHEAL Instrument Set


spineHEAL Instrument Set

  • Comprehensive & surgeon friendly instrumentation
  • Ergonomic

GOS1490 Pedicle Screw Instrument Set Quantity
GOS1490.01 Awl with Silicone Grip 1
GOS1490.02 Probe Straight  3.5 with Silicone Grip 1
GOS1490.03 Probe Curved 3.5 with Silicone Grip 1
GOS1490.04 Temporary Pins Holder 1
GOS1490.05 Temporary Marking Pins LH 4
GOS1490.06 Temporary Marking Pins RH 4
GOS1490.07 Sounder Ball Tip Fine 1
GOS1490.08 Sounder Ball Tip Dual Ended 1
GOS1490.09 Tap for 4.5 mm Screws 1
GOS1490.10 Tap for 5.5 mm Screws 1
GOS1490.11 Tap for 6.5 mm Screws 1
GOS1490.12 Tap for 7.5 mm Screws 1
GOS1490.13 Screw Driver for Monoaxial Screws 1
GOS1490.14 Screw Driver for Polyaxial  Screws 2
GOS1490.15 Rod Template Silicone 1
GOS1490.16 Rod Holder Small 1
GOS1490.17 Rod Gripper Large 1
GOS1490.18 Rod Power Gripper Adjustable 1
GOS1490.19 French Rod Bender with Silicone Grip 1
GOS1490.20 In situ Rod Bender LH 1
GOS1490.21 In situ Rod Bender RH 1
GOS1490.22 Rod Pusher with Long Silicone Grip 1
GOS1490.23 L-Rod Pusher Wide Window with Silicone Grip 1
GOS1490.24 Rocker Forceps 1
GOS1490.25 Rod Persuader Gun Type 1
GOS1490.26 Rod Rotator Hex Dual Ended 1
GOS1490.27 Parallel Compressor with Wide Opening 1
GOS1490.28 Parallel Distractor with Wide Opening 1
GOS1490.29 Temporary Locking Cap Holder Dual Ended 2
GOS1490.30 Torx Quick Coupling Shaft 2
GOS1490.31 Torx Locking Cap Tightener T-Type 1
GOS1490.32 3.5mm Hex Driver Quick Coupling Shaft 1
GOS1490.33 T-Handle Quick Coupling Silicone Grip 1
GOS1490.34 St-Rachet Handle Quick Coupling Silicone Grip 1
GOS1490.35 St-Handle Quick Coupling Silicone Grip 1
GOS1490.36 T-Handle Torque Limit Silicone Grip 12Nm 1
GOS1490.37 Graphic Instrument Box with Lid Aluminium 1

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