Polyaxial Reduction Screw


  • Polyaxial head is designed for reduction features
  • The reduction head allows 15 mm rod reduction
  • Allows up to 50 degree angulation
Sizes Available:

MAS31T Single Lock Polyaxial Reduction Screw
Length Dia. 4.5 mm Dia. 5.5 mm Dia. 6.5 mm Dia. 7.5 mm
25 mm MAS31.45.25T      
30 mm MAS31.45.30T MAS31.55.30T MAS31.65.30T MAS31.75.30T
35 mm MAS31.45.35T MAS31.55.35T MAS31.65.35T MAS31.75.35T
40 mm MAS31.45.40T MAS31.55.40T MAS31.65.40T MAS31.75.40T
45 mm MAS31.45.45T MAS31.55.45T MAS31.65.45T MAS31.75.45T
50 mm MAS31.45.50T MAS31.55.50T MAS31.65.50T MAS31.75.50T
55 mm   MAS31.55.55T MAS31.65.55T MAS31.75.55T
60 mm   MAS31.55.60T MAS31.65.60T MAS31.75.60T

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