intraHEAL Proximal Hip Stabilizing Nail


  • Superior biomechanical intramedullary stabilization
  • Cannulated nail for guide wire controlled insertion
  • Set screw to inhibit rotation of the proximal lag screw & simultaneously allowing sliding of the lag screw
  • Nail dia: 17 mm proximal & 11 mm distal
  • Range of angles: 125°, 130°, 135°
  • Single distal locking option to prevent rotation in complen fracture
  • In stable fractures, it provides circumferential compression at the fracture site and transferring axial load to the bone
  • Nail length available: 180mm, 200mm, 220mm
  • Self-tapping lag screw for easy insertion
  • Single targeting device for proximal & distal locking
  • Universal nail for right & left hip
  • Available in both titanium and stainless steel

Code for Dia. (mm) S.S.
10 11 12
180 ILBS59.10.18 ILBS59.11.18 ILBS59.12.18
200 ILBS59.10.20 ILBS59.11.20 ILBS59.12.20
220 ILBS59.10.22 ILBS59.11.22 ILBS59.12.22

Code for Dia. (mm) Titanium
10 11 12
180 ILBS59.10.18T ILBS59.11.18T ILBS59.12.18T
200 ILBS59.10.20T ILBS59.11.20T ILBS59.12.20T
220 ILBS59.10.22T ILBS59.11.22T ILBS59.12.22T

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