intraHEAL Proximal Hip Stabilizing Nail-3, Long


  • The proximal diameter is 15.5 mm, to minimize the incision length required for minimally invasive surgery.
  • Comes in three neck angles- 120, 125, 130 degrees to accommodate various anatomies.
  • Cannulated nail for guide wired controlled insertion.
  • The thread design of the lag screw enables superior cut out strength from the cancellous bone.
  • Short nail has one distal locking screw & the long nail has two.

Length (mm) Code for Dia. (mm) S.S., Left
120° 125° 130°
320 PHN3L.120.10.32L PHN3L.120.11.32L PHN3L.125.10.32L PHN3L.125.11.32L PHN3L.130.10.32L PHN3L.130.11.32L
340 PHN3L.120.10.34L PHN3L.120.11.34L PHN3L.125.10.34L PHN3L.125.11.34L PHN3L.130.10.34L PHN3L.130.11.34L
360 PHN3L.120.10.36L PHN3L.120.11.36L PHN3L.125.10.36L PHN3L.125.11.36L PHN3L.130.10.36L PHN3L.130.11.36L
380 PHN3L.120.10.38L PHN3L.120.11.38L PHN3L.125.10.38L PHN3L.125.11.38L PHN3L.130.10.38L PHN3L.130.11.38L
400 PHN3L.120.10.40L PHN3L.120.11.40L PHN3L.125.10.40L PHN3L.125.11.40L PHN3L.130.10.40L PHN3L.130.11.40L
420 PHN3L.120.10.42L PHN3L.120.11.42L PHN3L.125.10.42L PHN3L.125.11.42L PHN3L.130.10.42L PHN3L.130.11.42L
440 PHN3L.120.10.44L PHN3L.120.11.44L PHN3L.125.10.44L PHN3L.125.11.44L PHN3L.130.10.44L PHN3L.130.11.44L

Length (mm) Code for Dia. (mm) S.S., Right
120° 125° 130°
320 PHN3R.120.10.32R PHN3R.120.11.32R PHN3R.125.10.32R PHN3R.125.11.32R PHN3R.130.10.32R PHN3R.130.11.32R
340 PHN3R.120.10.34R PHN3R.120.11.34R PHN3R.125.10.34R PHN3R.125.11.34R PHN3R.130.10.34R PHN3R.130.11.34R
360 PHN3R.120.10.36R PHN3R.120.11.36R PHN3R.125.10.36R PHN3R.125.11.36R PHN3R.130.10.36R PHN3R.130.11.36R
380 PHN3R.120.10.38R PHN3R.120.11.38R PHN3R.125.10.38R PHN3R.125.11.38R PHN3R.130.10.38R PHN3R.130.11.38R
400 PHN3R.120.10.40R PHN3R.120.11.40R PHN3R.125.10.40R PHN3R.125.11.40R PHN3R.130.10.40R PHN3R.130.11.40R
420 PHN3R.120.10.42R PHN3R.120.11.42R PHN3R.125.10.42R PHN3R.125.11.42R PHN3R.130.10.42R PHN3R.130.11.42R
440 PHN3R.120.10.44R PHN3R.120.11.44R PHN3R.125.10.44R PHN3R.125.11.44R PHN3R.130.10.44R PHN3R.130.11.44R

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