intraHEAL Multi Angle Femoral Nail


  • Single nail for the shaft & the femur neck fracture, with choice for locking
  • Advanced nail design with anatomic bent for perfect fit into the bone
  • Cannulated nail for ease of insertion & removal
  • Optimal lateral entry point, causing less soft tissue damage thus lower chances of avascular necrosis
  • Multiple locking options thus improved mechanical resistance
  • Separate nails for right & left femur
  • Available in both Titanium and Stainless Steel

(mm) Code for Dia. (mm) S.S. (Left) Code for Dia. (mm) S.S. (Right)
9 10 11 12 13 14 9 10 11 12 13 14
280 MLFN09.28L MLFN10.28L MLFN11.28L MLFN12.28L MLFN13.28L MLFN14.28L MLFN09.28R MLFN10.28R MLFN11.28R MLFN12.28R MLFN13.28R MLFN14.28R
300 MLFN09.30L MLFN10.30L MLFN11.30L MLFN12.30L MLFN13.30L MLFN14.30L MLFN09.30R MLFN10.30R MLFN11.30R MLFN12.30R MLFN13.30R MLFN14.30R
320 MLFN09.32L MLFN10.32L MLFN11.32L MLFN12.32L MLFN13.32L MLFN14.32L MLFN09.32R MLFN10.32R MLFN11.32R MLFN12.32R MLFN13.32R MLFN14.32R
340 MLFN09.34L MLFN10.34L MLFN11.34L MLFN12.34L MLFN13.34L MLFN14.34L MLFN09.34R MLFN10.34R MLFN11.34R MLFN12.34R MLFN13.34R MLFN14.34R
360 MLFN09.36L MLFN10.36L MLFN11.36L MLFN12.36L MLFN13.36L MLFN14.36L MLFN09.36R MLFN10.36R MLFN11.36R MLFN12.36R MLFN13.36R MLFN14.36R
380 MLFN09.38L MLFN10.38L MLFN11.38L MLFN12.38L MLFN13.38L MLFN14.38L MLFN09.38R MLFN10.38R MLFN11.38R MLFN12.38R MLFN13.38R MLFN14.38R
400 MLFN09.40L MLFN10.40L MLFN11.40L MLFN12.40L MLFN13.40L MLFN14.40L MLFN09.40R MLFN10.40R MLFN11.40R MLFN12.40R MLFN13.40R MLFN14.40R
420 MLFN09.42L MLFN10.42L MLFN11.42L MLFN12.42L MLFN13.42L MLFN14.42L MLFN09.42R MLFN10.42R MLFN11.42R MLFN12.42R MLFN13.42R MLFN14.42R
440 MLFN09.44L MLFN10.44L MLFN11.44L MLFN12.44L MLFN13.44L MLFN14.44L MLFN09.44R MLFN10.44R MLFN11.44R MLFN12.44R MLFN13.44R MLFN14.44R
460 MLFN09.46L MLFN10.46L MLFN11.46L MLFN12.46L MLFN13.46L MLFN14.46L MLFN09.46R MLFN10.46R MLFN11.46R MLFN12.46R MLFN13.46R MLFN14.46R

For Titanium, please affix 'T' before L/R, e.g. MLFN.11.28TL

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