fixLOCK Plating System

GPC fixLOCK Plating System is designed to provide fixation of fractures & osteotomies. The range included both, straight plates & anatomically contoured plates for small fragment & large fragment bones.

Model No.: 845

fix<em>LOCK</em> Plate, 3.5 mm

Model No.: 846

fix<em>LOCK</em> T Plate, 3.5 mm

Model No.: 847

fix<em>LOCK</em> Proximal Humerus Plate, 3.5 mm

Model No.: 852

fix<em>LOCK</em> Small T-Plate  with 4 Head Holes, 3.5 mm

Model No.: 860

fix<em>LOCK</em> T-Plate Oblique, 3.5 mm

Model No.: 905

fix<em>LOCK</em> Distal Humerus  Plate, 2.7 mm/3.5 mm

Model No.: 906

fix<em>LOCK</em> Proximal Tibia  Plate, 3.5 mm

Model No.: 915

fix<em>LOCK</em> Distal Humerus  Plate Dorsolateral, with Lateral Support, 2.7 mm/3.5 mm

Model No.: 924

fix<em>LOCK</em> Distal Radius  Buttress Plate, 2.4 mm

Model No.: 928

Locking Lateral Proximal Tibia Plate Left & Right

Model No.: 934

fix<em>LOCK</em> Medial Distal  Tibia Plate, without Tab

Model No.: 936

fix<em>LOCK</em> Anterolateral  Distal Tibia Plate

Model No.: 938

fix<em>LOCK</em> Philos Plate

Model No.: 765

fix<em>LOCK</em> Self-Tapping Screw, 3.5 mm

Model No.: 770

fix<em>LOCK</em> Self-Tapping Screw 2.4mm

Model No.: 771

Self-Tapping Locking Screws, 2.4 mm

Model No.: 840

fix<em>LOCK</em> Proximal Tibia Plate

Model No.: 848

fix<em>LOCK</em> Narrow  Plate, 4.5 mm

Model No.: 849

fix<em>LOCK</em> Broad  Plate, 4.5 mm

Model No.: 851

fix<em>LOCK</em> Distal femur Plate

Model No.: 854

fix<em>LOCK</em> Locking DCS Plate 95°

Model No.: 856

fix<em>LOCK</em> Proximal  Femur Plate

Model No.: 866

fix<em>LOCK</em> DHS Plate, 4.5 mm

Model No.: 918

fix<em>LOCK</em> Reconstruction  Plate, 4.5 mm

Model No.: 700

Self-Tapping Locking Screws, 5.0 mm

Model No.: 923

fix<em>LOCK</em> Clavicle Hook Plate

Model No.: 849C

fix<em>LOCK</em> Curved Broad  Plate, 4.5 mm

Model No.: 850

fixLOCK T-Plate, 4.5 mm

Model No.: 767

fix<em>LOCK</em> Cancellous Screw,6.5 mm- Fully Threaded

Model No.: 701

fix<em>LOCK</em> Self Tapping Cancellous Screw, 5.0 mm- Fully Threaded

Model No.: 867

fix<em>LOCK</em> Medial Distal Tibia End Plate with Tab, 3.5 mm

Model No.: 769

fix<em>LOCK</em> Cancellous Screw, 3.5 mm- Fully Threaded
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