fixLOCK Clavicle Hook Plate


  • Anatomically precontoured right and left configured plates
  • Hook is placed on the posterior aspect of the clavicle with plate over the superior surface of clavicle
  • Low profile construct with minimum implant prominence or soft tissue irritation
  • Shaft holes for 3.5 mm locking or 3.5 mm cortical screws
  • Uniform stiffness of all segments, prolonging fatigue life of the implant
  • Smaller area of post-fixation avascularity
  • Thin plate profile easy to contour
  • Available in both Titanium & Stainless steel

Sizes Available
Length Depth - 12 mm Depth - 15 mm Depth - 18 mm
Row S.S. Titanium S.S. Titanium S.S. Titanium
4 Holes, Right 923.12.04R 923.12.04TR 923.15.04R 923.15.04TR 923.18.04R 923.18.04TR
4 Holes, Left 923.12.04L 923.12.04TL 923.15.04L 923.15.04TL 923.18.04L 923.18.04TL
5 Holes, Right 923.12.05R 923.12.05TR 923.15.05R 923.15.05TR 923.18.05R 923.18.05TR
5 Holes, Left 923.12.05L 923.12.05TL 923.15.05L 923.15.05TL 923.18.05L 923.18.05TL
6 Holes, Right 923.12.06R 923.12.06TR 923.15.06R 923.15.06TR 923.18.06R 923.18.06TR
6 Holes, Left 923.12.06L 923.12.06TL 923.15.06L 923.15.06TL 923.18.06L 923.18.06TL
7 Holes, Right 923.12.07R 923.12.07TR 923.15.07R 923.15.07TR 923.18.07R 923.18.07TR
7 Holes, Left 923.12.07L 923.12.07TL 923.15.07L 923.15.07TL 923.18.07L 923.18.07TL
8 Holes, Right 923.12.08R 923.12.08TR 923.15.08R 923.15.08TR 923.18.08R 923.18.08TR
8 Holes, Left 923.12.08L 923.12.08TL 923.15.08L 923.15.08TL 923.18.08L 923.18.08TL

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