fixLOCK Curved Broad Plate, 4.5 mm



  • Plate has a curvature along the long axis of the plate
  • Used over the tensile surface of bones to work on tension band principle
  • Uniform stiffness of all segments, prolonging fatigue life of the implant
  • Limited implant periosteum contact area leading to smaller area of post-fixation avascularity
  • Fixed angle of the locking screws confers angular stability to the bone screw construct
  • Dynamic compression unit offers 2 mm of axial compression
  • Locking screw ensures reduced compression at the bone plate interface and reduced tension on the bone
  • Curve can be easily increased or decreased using plate benders
  • Available in both Titanium & Stainless steel

Sizes Available

No. of Holes CODE
S.S. Titanium
6 849C.06 849C.06T
7 849C.07 849C.07T
8 849C.08 849C.08T
9 849C.09 849C.09T
10 849C.10 849C.10T
11 849C.11 849C.11T
12 849C.12 849C.12T
14 849C.14 849C.14T
16 849C.16 849C.16T

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