fixLOCK Medial Distal Tibia End Plate with Tab, 3.5 mm


  • Anatomically contoured for right & left tibia
  • Low profile construct with minimum implant prominence or soft tissue irritation
  • Distal tab for optional medial malleolus accept 3.5 mm locking screws
  • Eight distal locking holes in the head of the plate for 3.5 mm locking screw
  • Smaller area of post-fixation avascularity
  • The combination of conventional and locking screws offer optimum fixation regardless of bone density
  • Screw heads are recessed into the plate holes for minimum screw prominence
  • Available in both Titanium & Stainless steel

Sizes Available

No. of  Holes Stainless Steel Titanium
Code- Left Code- Right Code- Left Code- Right
4 867.04L 867.04R 867.04TL 867.04TR
6 867.06L 867.06R 867.06TL 867.06TR
8 867.08L 867.08R 867.08TL 867.08TR
10 867.10L 867.10R 867.10TL 867.10TR
12 867.12L 867.12R 867.12TL 867.12TR
14 867.14L 867.14R 867.14TL 867.14TR
16 867.16L 867.16R 867.16TL 867.16TR
18 867.18L 867.18R 867.18TL 867.18TR

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