fixLOCK Distal femur Plate



  • Anatomically right or left considering curvature of distal femur
  • Beveled tip for submuscular insertion with minimal soft tissue stripping
  • Smaller area of post-fixation avascularity
  • Screw trajectory designed for optimal fixation of comminuted fractures
  • The combination of conventional and locking screws offers optimum fixation regardless of bone density
  • Smooth transition from thin proximal segment and thick shaft segment makes the plate auto-contourable
  • Available in both Titanium & Stainless steel

Sizes Available

No. of
Stainless Steel Titanium
Code- Left Code- Right Code- Left Code- Right
5 851.05L 851.05R 851.05TL 851.05TR
6 851.06L 851.06R 851.06TL 851.06TR
7 851.07L 851.07R 851.07TL 851.07TR
8 851.08L 851.08R 851.08TL 851.08TR
9 851.09L 851.09R 851.09TL 851.09TR
10 851.10L 851.10R 851.10TL 851.10TR
11 851.11L 851.11R 851.11TL 851.11TR
12 851.12L 851.12R 851.12TL 851.12TR
13 851.13L 851.13R 851.13TL 851.13TR
14 851.14L 851.14R 851.14TL 851.14TR
15 851.15L 851.15R 851.15TL 851.15TR
16 851.16L 851.16R 851.16TL 851.16TR

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