fixLOCK Proximal Humerus Plate, 3.5 mm



  • Universal for right & left humerus
  • Low profile construct for minimum implant prominence
  • Uniform stiffness of all segments, prolonging fatigue life of the implant
  • Smaller area of post-fixation avascularity
  • The combination of conventional and locking screws offers optimum fixation regardless of bone density
  • Temporary reduction can be achieved by K wire and the holes can later be utilized as suture holes
  • Suture holes- For fixation of sutures or circlage wires attached to rotator cuff muscles or the tubercles, it neutralizes the muscle tension and helps to maintain reduction
  • Fixed angle stable construct with long oblique screw to stabilize medial calcar fragment
  • Screw trajectory designed for optimal fixation of comminuted fractures
  • Available in both Titanium & Stainless steel

Sizes Available

No. of Holes CODE
S.S. Titanium
  3   847.03 847.03T
  4   847.04 847.04T
  5   847.05 847.05T
  6   847.06 847.06T
8 847.08 847.08T
10 847.10 847.10T
12 847.12 847.12T

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