DHS Short Barrel Plate 4.5 mm, 135°



  • Provides controlled collapse and compression of fracture fragments
  • Dynamic action reduces incidence of screw cut out and penetration of screw into hip joint
  • Stable fixation and prevents undue stress concentration on the implant
  • Used with DHS lag screw Dia. 12.5 mm and compression screw of length 36 mm
  • Dynamic compression holes allow compression of fracture fragment
  • Shaft compression holes fixed with cortex screw 4.5 mm
  • Available in both Titanium and Stainless Steel

No. of Holes Code
Stainless Steel
125° 130° 135° 140° 145° 150°
2 610SB.125.02 610SB.130.02 610SB.135.02 610SB.140.02 610SB.145.02 610SB.150.02
3 610SB.125.03 610SB.130.03 610SB.135.03 610SB.140.03 610SB.145.03 610SB.150.03
4 610SB.125.04 610SB.130.04 610SB.135.04 610SB.140.04 610SB.145.04 610SB.150.04
5 610SB.125.05 610SB.130.05 610SB.135.05 610SB.140.05 610SB.145.05 610SB.150.05
6 610SB.125.06 610SB.130.06 610SB.135.06 610SB.140.06 610SB.145.06 610SB.150.06

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