L & T Plate, 2.0 mm


  • Head of the plate is fixed first in the metaphysis and its shaft in the diaphysis
  • Allows axial compression by eccentric placement of screws in the first shaft hole
  • 2 holes in the head and 2 holes in shaft
  • L and T profile provides additional fixation for head of metacarpals and phalanges
  • Low profile plate
  • Minimal soft tissue irritation
  • Fixed with 2.0 mm cortex screws
  • Available in both Titanium and Stainless Steel


  • Thickness (T): 1.20 mm
  • Width (W): 5 mm
  • Hole Spacing (HS): 6 mm

Profile CODE
S.S. Titanium
L-Left 671.31 671.31T
L-Right 671.32 671.32T
L-Oblique 671.33 671.33T
R-Oblique 671.34 671.34T
T-Shaped 671.41 671.41T

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